Gold at factory prices.
A revolutionary initiative from A Sirkar Jewellers,
India’s first ISO 9001 certified jewellery store.
Change the way you buy gold.
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The Gold Factory opened on 17th May 2002 ushering a whole new paradigm to the jewellery trade. The very name opened up a clear identity. Two strong nouns, stating with boldness an inherent promise without equivocation – two ideas rich with associations – gold and factory. For the first time, gold jewellery was being made available at factory prices.

It did not take long for The Gold Factory to build up a large client base. Its particular line of Innovative and light weight jewellery found appreciation for a number of reasons: the ornaments were versatile as accessories and also in tune with modern everyday wear. The Gold Factory’s offerings were beautiful enough to start conversations while at the same time not being chunky and ostentatious. Light in weight, they were more affordable than traditional jewellery, and it was possible to have multiple sets to match every mood and occasion. They could be unobtrusive highlights to the day clothes of a modern woman – either at home, or at work. They could also be well-designed, value-for-money, chic accessories for an evening out. The God Factory is one of those rare boutiques where you could buy a complete, hallmarked, quality checked set of gold jewellery for under two thousand rupees!

Prices at the Gold factory are so competitive that these items of jewellery made perfect gifts for auspicious occasions. Since they were bright and smart, they appealed to a new generation of buyers who delighted in ornaments that stood out – for themselves and for their friends and loved ones. The Gold Factory’s pieces matched every emotion and also suited every budget. No wonder the age group of the Gold factory’s customers range from just-18 to senior citizenry!

The spirit and ethos of the Gold Factory is perfectly captured in the large number of events that pepper the calendar year. From Valentine’s Day through to Christmas covering almost every festive occasion that lends character and colour to our vast nation.

Budget jewellery in stylistic influences taken from all over India is the speciality of the Gold Factory. Many notable, indigenous art forms have been lovingly revived and given a fresh lease of life as ornaments for personal wear. The Design Team at the Gold Factory constantly adapts, innovates and upgrades in keeping with today’s tastes.

The Gold Factory brand is manned by a dedicated staff of 40 who cater to customers at three outlets. Now, the Gold Factory has launched its presence in cyberspace with a fully operational e-commerce site to interface with a pan-Indian clientele.

It has been eleven years since we opened doors. Now we widen them for larger traffic. Today, you can come in, look at our online gallery, try out our designs – all from the comfort of your own home.